Tue 19th March , 2019

MasterClass in Business Analytics for Decision Makers

____ is pleased to organize the MasterClass in Business Analytics for Decision Makers: Turning Data to Competitive Strategies (Hand-on Using Real Datasets).

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Cutting-edge analytics tools help turn raw data to competitive advantages

You will walk away with contemporary knowledge and tools to solve critical business problems:

  • How Amazon optimizes its global distribution network to deliver products overnight?
  • How Walmart orders just enough stock to minimize warehouse/transport costs and maximize profits?
  • How American Airlines uses travel demand data to optimize its route network?
  • How the Tax Office uses data science tools to detect corporate tax frauds?

Contemporary Trends in Business Analytics

In today’s world, managerial decisions are increasingly based on data-driven models and analysis using statistical and optimization methods that have dramatically changed the way businesses operate in most domains including service operations, marketing, transportation, and finance.

The over-arching methodology that refers to the skills and technologies to explore past business performance to make better decisions is called Business Analytics (BA). BA uses data, statistical and quantitative analysis, predictive modeling, and optimization to make businesses work better.

Learners will gain knowledge about the application of data and statistics to solve business problems:

1. Introduce fundamental concepts from probability, statistics, stochastic modeling, and optimization to develop systematic frameworks for decision-making in a dynamic setting

2. Detect patterns using historical data to predict the future trends, and prescript insightful strategies

3. Use the vast information available in the world today to gain insight, create a competitive edge

4. Carry out optimization methods to solve decision problems under uncertainty in business applications

5. Create the right strategy for your firm to gain a competitive advantage over others in your market space, domestically and globally

Most of the topics will be presented in the context of practical business applications, faced by large companies like Google, Intel, Walmart and American Airlines to illustrate its usefulness in practice.

The MasterClass in Business Analytics has also been designed to grow your professional and social networks. You will have opportunity to find people like yourself, both in your city and around the world, who are looking to advance their careers. You will leave the event with not only latest business analytics strategies and techniques, but also valuable contacts for your future business growth.

The MasterClass is structured into modules over 2 days, delivering the latest knowledge and techniques in business economics and business analytics:

Keynote Session
  • "The Value of Big Data" by Dr. Kevin Hoang,
  • "Smart Business Analytics System" by TBA
  • "Macroeconomic Indicators Surveillance and Business Operation Optimization"by TBA

Business Economics
  • Module 1: Customer Demand: Foundations
  • Module 2: Strategies for Assessing Market Size and Increasing Demand
  • Module 3: Suppliers and Cost
  • Module 4: Micro- Market Structure
  • Module 5: Customer Segmentation
  • Module 6: Competition and Differentiation

Business Analytics
  • Module 1: Data Collection Methods
  • Module 2: Big Data: the Trends
  • Module 3: Descriptive Analytics
  • Module 4: Predictive Analytics
  • Module 5: Prescriptive Analytics
  • Module 6: Regression Analysis
  • Module 7: Managing Uncertainties
  • Module 8: Simulating Future Trends
  • Module 9: Optimizing Logistics Network
  • Module 10: Optimizing Business Objectives under Resource Constraints
  • Module 11: Decision Trees under Uncertainties