Data Analytics


We collect and analyse data from multiple sources including federal/state specialised statistical agencies, government reports and private data providers to create detailed, informative and meaningful profiles and ratings of 100% area of Australia, including over 14,000 Suburbs, 560 Local Government Areas (LGAs), 8 Capital Cities/States and Territories.

Our location database covers critical topics such as jobs, education, migration, economy, education and demographics.

Data accuracy and data quality control are our utmost priority. We implemented the most stringent procedures in data collection, data analysis and data modelling to ensure the final location data reports are accurate, reliable and insightful. The full cycle of data analytics is carried out by qualified professionals with Ph.D. and Master Degrees in data science and economics and years of experience in data analytics.

Data Services: We provide cleaned data-sets in excel format to empower corporate clients carrying out their own business and market analysis. Interested clients may explore the options in this link.