Our location data analytics and insights will help you make informed decision every-time. Whether you are appraising a new business opening, profiling a local customer base, searching for an ideal city to live or buying a new home you will be armed with a wealth of vital information to succeed.



You can access basic demographics, culture and education data including occupations of your neighbours, the proportion of people attending educational institutions, the unemployment rate in your neighbourhood. You also can turn this basic knowledge to better decisions about job, education and investment.




You are keen to live or buy in areas that have attributes such as low housing density; availability of jobs and easy access to public transport. You can find all these location attributes and make thousands of comparisons between any two locations in Australia. You will have a clear view about your interested neighbourhood where you will live in for many years. 




It may be challenging for overseas migrants to make decision about where to settle down and raise their families: whether you should live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Hobart. Obviously, you would like to live in a city where there are many vacant jobs, low crime rate, low traffic congestion, comfortable weather, affordable house prices and high-quality social services. You can find all these attributes from our system to make confident decisions for the future of your family.




Ideally, your business should be located in an area that has a large customer base, who can afford your products and services. With our system, you can identify a location that meets your key criteria such as income, age, gender, the number of potential customers and the potential market size.




Real estate agents do not just sell the houses. They also sell the areas where the houses are located. With our system, real estate agents will have access to comprehensive neighbourhood characteristics such as occupations, unemployment rate, income, ethnicity and educational attainments, which would be highly valued by home buyers and potentially adds values to the houses.




As a policymaker, you are interested in getting the big picture about local and national social and economic developments accurately and quickly. You can find all vital and up-to-date information about crime, transport, jobs market and health for all Cities and States. Furthermore, you can also compare your electorate/location with any other electorate/location across Australia to identify the areas that you should prioritize.




You are a journalist who is looking for facts for the next article. Whether you are writing about crime, unemployment or multicultural topics, you can find up to 100 community indicators for all neighbourhoods and up to 300 economic indicators for 8 States and Territories.




If you do not find what you need on, we can help you to carry out tailored data analytics and modelling services.